Monday, 30 November 2009


For those of you that ordered the BEAK> Box Set, we know the majority of boxes sent got to you okay. However we are aware there have been problems with the courier company we used to send them out.
If you have a problem the best and easiest way to deal with this is to send an email to and list your name / address / paypal number and date you ordered. We should be able to track it all as the orders were sent out by a large courier company.

Thank for you patience on this


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


The BEAK> box sets are now sold out from our webshop.. There will be some limited quantities available on the forthcoming BEAK> UK and European tour in December.
We are sending out all the Beak> box sets by UK courier company "UK MAIL/BUSINESS POST" so they will all be registered and recorded. Please do NOT email into Invada asking when these will be shipped as we have a large quantity to dispatch and answering emails just holds up time.

Thanks for all your support and we hope you enjoy the BEAK>

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Okay so the Beak Box sets are nearly ready to ship.. If you have ordered please be patient - each box is handmade and has been stencilled and sprayed by hand.. (see photos)
We only have a handful of these left so act now if you want one as these WILL NOT be repressed.

Monday, 28 September 2009

BEAK> BOX SETS - shipping Information

The Response to the BEAK> box sets has been truely remarkable.
We are just awaiting on one final part of the set to be finished at the factory and we will start shipping...
We will be shipping in the order that they came to us.. Strictly first come / first serve.

We have had some orders from stores and distros requesting over 2 copies.. PLEASE note - it is strictly 2 copies max per person. This box is nearly sold out and we want to distribute this in the fairest way possible.

Please DO NOT email into Invada asking when the product will be shipped.. We will put a note up here on the day we ship all of them.

Stay tuned for more BEAK> news very soon.

Thankyou : INVADA

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

BEAK > Exclusive Product.. BEAK> News for you.

Invada Records are very proud to be releasing this album and even happier we get to release the 1st ever official BEAK> material direct from this website.

Invada Records will be releasing a special advance Limited box set version of the album. This Box will include the full length album cd album, presented in a dvd style case with a bonus CD /EP disc of 4 new tracks NOT featured on the album. As well as this there will be a 12" Vinyl EP with another 2 tracks also not featured on the album. So in total you will bet 6 tracks not available on the commercial release. As well as this there will be a BEAK> T shirt, and badge. The actual boxes this product will be sent out in are specially sprayed/and stencilled by the band members themselves We are now taking pre-orders at the Invada shop and we hope to have the finished prodcut available to ship by mid-septemer.


To purchase some digital BEAK> click underneath

To follow BEAK> keep you eye on BEAK> click underneath

To watch BEAK> and various BEAK> related activity click underneath

Thursday, 20 August 2009

BEAK Pitchfork Story

Some people may have noticed PITCHFORK this morning ran a story about BEAK>. Well in case you missed it check it out here..

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

"DO" BELIEVE THE HYPE. whats being said about the THOUGHT FORMS debut album

This is soaring, epic stuff, the sound of effect pedals being tortured and sacrificed to the Gods of thunder., phaser set to stun, and delays and fuzz too.
KKKK - Kerrang Magazine June 09

the UK's THOUGHT FORMS have harnessed the hazy gleam of My Bloody Valentine and used it to their own inspired ends on their self titled Invada Records Debut
7/10 - Metal Hammer magazine June 09

Thought Forms are in an enviable position for such a young band . Reverberating guitars evoke satellite frequencies searching for life and finding it in fuzzy, distant screams. Space-age shoegazers need look no further for their next trip.
7/10 - Rock Sound magazine August 09

Thought Forms have created a record that is pure testament to kids with guitars.
Think Sonic Youth, think My Bloody Valentine.... think Mogwai.
Big fuck-off riffs with nice beefy distortion, hazy power slides through alt rock miscellanea.
Rock-A-Rolla magazine July / August 09

new young band Thought Forms on the excellent Invada label have come up trumps this week and taken the Record Of The Week gong. Blending the quiet/noise aesthetic with modern experimentalism and melody this band could well have it all!! -
Picadilly Records May 09

Thought Forms make their instruments tower higher than the sum of their parts, even when the sound is just that of casual jangle, but they then go on to create staggering waves of noise
from a series of trapped, shimmering oscillations, force fed through
bouts of overdrive. Spellbinding. Album Of The Week - July 09

“They’re raw – almost grungey – but they’ve got that shoegazing thing going on too. And if they’re looking at their shoes it means they’re not looking in the mirror, know what I mean?”
Geoff Barrow, Portishead in NME, May 09

At Rock Sound we have a particular penchant for our post-rock. Not every band can nail it, but Thought Forms have pretty much got it spot on, as their self titled debut album proves. In fact, Portishead's Geoff Barrow loved it so much, he signed the band up to his Invada Imprint.
Rock Sound magazine (Bubbling Under - The Best New Music section) Aug 09

Thought Forms have sculpted one of the most intensely tight albums you will
hear ths year, with tracks embracing everything from post rock
instrumentalism, to shoegazing beauty the likes of which *Slowdive* and
the like would have killed for fifteen years ago.
The Beat Surrender - August 09

“Thought Forms” offers refreshingly ambitious and atmospheric guitar
music. It gives more than a nod to Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.
Structure in Sonic Youth’s music emerges only to
disappear again. The ground is constantly shifting beneath your feet. It
sounds as though this is what Thought Forms aspire to, and they meet the
challenge with vigor and intelligence.
Too Cool To Die - July 09

Thought Forms debut is a sonic journey through mesmerising expansive soundscapes of desolate wastelands and thunderous
shards of noise which lap at the toes of the gods, that should not be
4/5 Aug 09

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sunday, 2 August 2009

INVADA INVASION now to feature MOGWAI !!!

Geoff Barrow (pictured yesterday with his lovely new hat) is very happy to announce in addition to the already strong line-up for his Colston Hall event, MOGWAI have just been announced to headline the main room.
Geoff and the rest of us here at Invada are absolutely ecstatic with this coup, and we hope that people will really make an effort to come to this huge show.

The line up is simply amazing and features Invada bands such as Gonga, Rosie Red Rash, Thought Forms, Fuzz Against Junk, Malakai + special one "one off" collaboration sets from Crippled Black Phoenix, Team Brick and Joe Volk performing with "The Emerald Orchestra".

Geoff has also invited Italian supreme avant jazz math rockers ZU, All Tomorrow Parties melodic drone merchants The Fuck Buttons, and Bristol Tropical Prog Funk band Zun Zun Egui
The event is on the 26th September and tickets for this event can be purchased on-line from or in person from the Colston Hall box office or the Bristol Ticket shop both in Bristol.

alternatively email for further information

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

THOUGHT FORMS screen prints by Bristol Street Artist "45RPM"

One of Bristols most in demand Street Artist has made four AMAZING posters for Thought Forms. They are signed, numbered and embossed by the man himself. They will be on sale over the next couple of days in our webshop but for now - check out the man's blog/work

On the subject of Thought Forms - those enough lucky to watch them play at Supersonic a few days ago will now understand just why the band are generating so much interest at the moment.
Thanks to all those that did cram into the room to se them play, and especially big thanks to Lisa and Jenny from the festival for giving the band such an amazing time slot on Saturday night. It was an incredible weekend..

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Monday, 6 July 2009

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Congrats to Crippled Black Phoenix. Classic Rock Nomination

Invada band CRIPPLED BLACK PHONIX have been nominated for "best new band" by Classic Rock Magazine at their 2009 "roll of honour" awards.

Taken from the Classic Rock website..

Come on in to see who’s up for what award at this year’s Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards!

Vote for this year’s Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards!

The nominations for the 2009 Classic Rock Roll Of Honour were exclusively unveiled today by legends of rock parody Spinal Tap. The band took time out of rehearsals for their show at Wembley Stadium next week to announce the shortlists for the 6 public voted categories at a media launch in Hard Rock Cafe’s backstage Hard Rock Calling VIP garden in Hyde Park, London. The winners will be announced at the gala ceremony, which takes place Monday 2 November at the Park Lane Hotel.

Public-voted categories include:

Best New Band

1. Chickenfoot
2. The Parlor Mob
3. Diagonal
4. Steadlür
5. Crippled Black Phoenix
6. New Device

Please support the band by Voting for them.

We still have a small quantity of Limited Edition box set CD's available on the website. But hurry up as these are going really fast...

Monday, 29 June 2009

Black Sheep - NEWS UPDATE album and Night of Black Sheep Events

Julian Cope's Black Sheep Project has been a long time coming. Invada Records have had email enquiries every week about this record.

At the end of this week we will be putting up details of THE EXCLUSIVE date this album will be on sale in the Invada webshop. (Both deluxe 2x cd & 2x lp versions)
Keep checking this site / blog for the news. We are NOT taking pre-orders.

Also worth mentioning is the BLACK SHEEP will be hosting a night in Bristol at "The Croft"
The Line up for this night is as follows..


The Black Sheep Presents : NI DIOS NI AMO

Acoustika Live
Black Sheep Electronics Division Live (featuring Holly McGrail & Fat Paul)
Cristophe F

Black Sheep Films and Visuals
Black Sheep DJ's

The night runs from 8pm - 3am - CONTACT the croft for further info.

Thought Forms Tour CD's in the webshop. GRAB or CRY

Thought Forms - Something About Bee's Cos They're Important CD

The band have kindly given the webshop an amount of the amazing HANDMADE tour cd that was on sale at the album launch party in Bristol and the East Coast U.S shows a month or so ago.

The music consists of 5 tracks - 2 brand new / 3 live.

This isn't some cheap dispensable CD project - the music was mastered at Optimum Mastering in Bristol in a 5 hr session and the packaging on each cd has been lovingly individually hand made by the band members themselves. Each CD is numbered and NO two cds look the same.

These copies are from the 1st batch (30 copies)

Friday, 12 June 2009

Geoff Barrow presents a HUGE EVENT @ Colston Hall Bristol

Label Boss, and Portishead member Geoff Barrow is to Curate a days worth of entertainment at Bristol's legendary venue the Colston Hall.
The Colston Hall is one of the most legendary entertainment venue's in Europe and has been around for 140 years. Since the 60's alone the venue has played host to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix etc etc.
Recently the venue has extended and a new 30 million pound building has been built onto the existing structure. To celebrate the opening of this , Invada chief GB is too curate a day of music / film / art on Saturday 26th September.
So far Invada artists Crippled Black Phoenix / Team Brick / Joe Volk / Malakai and Thought Forms will play alongside some VERY special international guests who will be announced once contracts are signed. More info on Tickets and Full line-ups over the forthcoming week.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Thought Forms confirmed for SUPERSONIC Festival in JULY

South West Psyche-Gazers Thought Forms have been confirmed today to play the best festival in the UK - SUPERSONIC. Go to the website to check out more info - We're so excited that Invada will be represented at this festival as some of our favourite bands are playing.. The mighty CORRUPTED play their UK debut, alongside Greg Anderson and Stephen O Malleys THORR'S HAMMER project , THE ACCUSED whom are simply legendary plus my favourite Power Violence band IRON LUNG. So many good bands.
Invada will also be running a record merch stall - pop over and say hello and buy some stuff!!!!!
Thought Forms have just returned from playing in the states, and are currently on fire if you get to see them.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


At long last TEAM BRICK's debut album is finally here.
"ALOGON" is now available at the Invada shop for purchase.. The initial "limited" pressing includes a bonus DVD of TB supporting Julian Cope on tour a few years ago. If you haven't heard or seen this man play out or heard any of his music this is a good a place as any to check him out.
The man cant be compared to anybody or anything, but if you're a fan of the following artists... John Zorn, Merzbow, Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Steve Reich, Dalek, Cardiacs etc etc you may wish to explore what he has to offer with this album.
Team Brick has recently been singing with Bristol Doom Grunger's "Gonga" as well as working with Geoff and Billy on the "Beak" project (forthcoming on Invada) ; Not to mention playing on the most recent Portishead "3rd" album.
Please contact for any further info.

Monday, 18 May 2009

TEAM BRICK 4 album launch shows!!!!

Click image to make bigger.. Any further info contact

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rotten Meats VS Thought Forms article

Amazing Thought Forms review of album launch party :

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX limited BOX version almost sold out

The Crippled Black Phoenix limited edition BOX SET 2 x cd / 48 page booklet is vertually sold out everywhere.. We have a few copies left at the Invada webshop to sell..
If you dont want to miss out we suggest you purchase soon or you may be crying in a few days..

Sunday, 10 May 2009


For many years now the good people of Bristol may have seen a strange, yet interesting creature roaming the streets (mainly at night). Armed with a Walkman (NOT an iPod), a piping hot take-away coffee, cigarette hanging from mouth and a rucksack full of CD's on his back. NO - this is not the elusive Banksy. This wonderful yet peculiar form of human is know as TEAM BRICK.
Not content with working with various Bristol bands such as Portishead and Gonga.. TB has finally got a debut album of his own ready to release.... "Alogon" will be available at the end of the month from the Invada store.
Check out the "Jack-of-all-trades" here ---->

Thought Forms in NEW YORK

Following the complete SELL-OUT launch party in Bristol for the Thought Forms album. The band have flown to the States to attend the inspiring NO-FUN festival organized by Carlos Giffoni. This year Sonic Youth headline the event and i know for a FACT the band can hardly wait to see them... Whilst over in NYC the band are playing two shows :
14th May @ Death By Audio, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
19th May @ PA's Lounge, Somerville / Boston, Massachusets
If you are in the area please try and catch them.. They are awesome and without doubt one of the hottest bands right now..

Monday, 4 May 2009


The hottest young band from Bristol "Thought Forms" self titled debut album is available from our web-shop NOW. See what Piccadilly Records think about this CD

Combining elements of Sonic Youth, Slint and My Bloody Valentine with the likes of Mono and the Emeralds, new young band Thought Forms on the excellent Invada label have come up trumps this week and taken the Record Of The Week gong. Blending the quiet/noise aesthetic with modern experimentalism and melody this band could well have it all!!
"Daryll Piccadilly Records"

Sunday, 3 May 2009


Well here's a bank holiday treat:
Tonight's Freak Zone on Radio 6 features the session
from Julian Cope'sBlack Sheep recorded at Maida Vale.

Pictures in the gallery here:

From The Drudion (Julian Cope): "...
on the Sunday following the G20,
myself and eight other Black Sheep – Holy McGrail,
Acoustika, Antronhy Øh, Big Nige,Michael O’Sullivan,
Fat Paul, Common Era, David Wrench and Christophe F. –
amassed at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios to record our
first radio session. Three brand new pieces entitled
‘Not Happy’, ‘Bank of England’ and ‘Vachel Lindsay’
spewed forth. At times, the music was a wild switchback
ride and a cacophonous Cack Off, whilst at other moments,
it became a dozy slug inching its way across a
salty baking tray. Yowch!"

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thought Forms / Julian Cope's Black Sheep Project / Crippled Black Phoenix MAIL ORDER UPDATES

A few updates regarding Mail Order & our Online Store for you . The debut self titled Thought Forms album will be available from Sunday night at 7pm (3rd May). It will be priced at £10 plus p&p. We are not taking pre-orders for this album but there will be plenty available from Sunday. Invada records are really proud to be finally releasing this album and we can promise you wont be dissappointed. If you dig the likes of Sonic Youth / MBV / Loop / Growing / Mono etc. Check out

In other news the Crippled Black Phoenix albums are now ON SALE NOW in the webshop - so please check them out.. The band have just returned from a very productive U.S tour where they played 15 shows to much acclaim. The reviews for this record have been absolutely incredible and the press just keeps rolling in.

Finally we have had absolutely loads of emails about the forthcoming Black Sheep album. This will be available soon. Please be patient with us as we are awaiting the CDs to be finished at the Factory. As soon as this is ready we will announce it here. This will not be available to pre-order but keep checking back here, where we will keep you updated.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Julian Cope’s brand new free action group Black Sheep

KISS MY SWEET APOCALYPSE is the debut double-LP and 2CD
set from Julian Cope’s brand new free action group
Black Sheep, a nine or ten piece ensemble of outsider
reprobates whose spirited performances upon
massed orchestral percussion, Mellotron 400s and
acoustic guitars summon dead ancestors
and memories of times past in an effort to achieve total
psychic Meltdown. Black Sheep music is of the moment,
beautiful as a princess one minute, hobbling like a
smitten ditch-dweller the next.
Songs are long and strung out, combining chanting
and street protest with ambient meditations on the
Culture Heroes of the Past. Eulogies to such
Revolutionaries as Che Guevara (‘Ernesto’),
Ulrike Meinhof(‘We’re the Baa-aader-Meinhof’) and one
of Cope’s long time obsessions Leila Khaled,
are offset by chanting and masseddrum works outs
(‘Protest Underground’, ‘War! Peace!’,
‘Underground Resistance’) and tripped out ambulant
pieces such as the near-half-hour long title track.
Clothed in Anarchist red-and-black replete with
a delightful Black Sheep calendar,
unfortunately, for Motherfuckers and
the children of Motherfuckers only

Friday, 17 April 2009

Thought Forms album launch party in Bristol with The Skaters!!

The excellent self titled debut Thought Forms album will be available from Monday May 4th. Why not pick up a copy and check out the mighty Melksham trio at The Louisiana in Bristol at their release show the same night. They will be joined by the superb Skaters (who are over from the U.S touring Europe). Contact (phn) +44 (0)7748614467 or email for further information

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Crippled Black Phoenix Limited Box Set & CD available on FRIDAY

This Friday at 12 noon GMT - The brand new Crippled Black Phoenix CD and Deluxe 2 x CD Box Set will be available to purchase directly from the Invada Store. This is a worldwide exclusive and is not available anywhere else until it is released on April 27th.
(inv 076) CBP - 200 Tons Of Bad Luck CD will be priced at £11.00 + shipping
(inv 075) CBP - The Resurrectionists / Night Raider Deluxe CD Box Set will be priced at £16.00 + shipping
for full details of these projects please scroll further down the website where both releases are documented.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

CBP north american tour starts later this week

The Crippled Black Phoenix North American Tour starts later this week, I have listed the dates below. If you are in any of the City's / Towns I cant recommend enough that you try and get along and check them out.  Last week I attended a rehersal at State Of Art Studios in Bristol to see how the band were sounding. The new tracks on the forthcoming album (s) were "out of this world" and those of you lucky enough to see the band over the next few weeks will NOT be disappointed .
Anyway - here are the dates

2nd April - Chicago IL - Beat Kitchen
3rd April - Detroit MI - Magic Stick
4th April - Columbus OH - Ravari Room
5th April - Pittsburgh PA - Thirsty First Street Pub
7th April - Boston MA - Great Scott
8th April - Buffalo NY - Soundlab
9th April - Toronto ON - Sneaky Dee's
10th April - Hamilton ON - Casbah Lounge
11th April - Montreal QC - Katacombes
12th April - New York - Mercury Lounge
14th April - Philadelphia CA - Kung Foo Corner
15th April - Baltimore MD - Talking Head
16th April - Wilmington NC - Soapbox Laundro-Lounge
17th April - Charleston SC - Music Farm
18th April - Atlanta GA - 529

any further info, questions should be directed to

Monday, 16 March 2009

BEAK mail order package coming real soon.. LP/CD/SHIRT/ GOODIES

Some of you may have heard / checked out BEAK on their MySpace Site. Anyway for those of you that haven't, trot along to and listen to some studio sessions recently recorded at "State Of Art" in Bristol. BEAK are a trio (Billy - Matt - Geoff) that make a pretty decent racket with multiple instruments. Obviously its up to the listener to judge for themselves on how they sound. To my "trained ears" they sound like a bastard child of Neu, Joy Division, Silver Apples, Sunn 0))) and Harmonia.
Invada Records have decided to release a mail-order only limited edition (200 - numbered) package. This should be available in around a months time ; the package will have a 12" LP / 4 Track CD / T-Shirt + assorted other collectible bits n bobs. These boxes will be limited to one per person. We really don't wanna see these up on ebay for extortionate prices so we will closely monitor where these are being sent to. Keep checking back for further news about this but in the meantime go and get some BEAK into you..

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Invada 2009 RELEASE schedule...

We've had a ton of emails from all over the world asking when certain albums are getting released. Ive decided to list some forthcoming projects.. Please dont email in asking if you can pre-order or buy them yet.. When they come into stock i will post here and direct people to the Invada shop..

Anyway here we go...

Feb 23rd : MALAKAI - Ugly Side Of Love CD / LP - RELEASED NOW

March 30th : SATURATION POINT - Mechanisms CD

April 13th : STEBMO - Self Titled CD / LP
April 20th : CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - 200 Tons Of Bad Luck CD
April 27th : CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - The Resurrectionists / Night Raider 2 x CD BOX (ltd edition that features all songs from 200 tons album)
April 27th : SEPTEMBER short film & soundtrack (Bafta award winning) DVD / CD package
April 27th : BLACK SHEEP (Julian Cope's band) - Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse 2 X LP

May 4th : THOUGHT FORMS - Self Titled CD
May 11th : BLACK SHEEP (Julian Cope's band) - Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse 2 X CD
May 18th : TALIBAM + PEEESSEYE - Self Titled CD / LP
May 25th : TEAM BRICK - Alogon CD

June 1st : IROHA - Self Titled CD / Ltd 12" featuring JESU remix

Forthcoming Projects by Stephen O' Malley / Beak / Geoff Barrow

Sunday, 1 March 2009

TEAM BRICK debut Mastered and ready for May 25th release

On Friday, Invada Records representatives met with Mr Brick (pictured above) and went to Optimum in Bristol to have his debut album "Alogon" Mastered.
5 hours and ludicrous amounts of coffee & tea later, everyone was happy with the end product..
The album runs for just shy of 65 mins and features 5 tracks including the epic "Tuba Mirabilis" which plays for 26.39. The album is scheduled for a full release on May 25th. Look out forthcoming news about a Team Brick 4 night residency in Bristol to celebrate the album launch. Around summer time TB and label mates Thought Forms are to take to the road and take on the UK and Europe - any interested promoters should contact us at and we will forward on any information.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Malakai CD / LP OUT NOW... order from the INVADA store

The Malakai debut album Ugly Side Of Love was released this week. Its now available from the Invada store. Click the store link at top right of this page.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


On April 20th Invada Records will release the brand new Crippled Black Phoenix album titled "200 Tons Of Bad Luck".

The track listing is as follows :
Burnt Reynolds
Rise Up And Fight
Time Of Ye Life / Born For Nothing /Paranoid Arm Of Narcoleptic Empire
Crossing The Bar
A Real Bronx Cheer
A Hymn For A Lost Soul
A Lack Of Common Sense
I Am Free - Today I Perished

Taken From The press release "Now continuing on the 'Endtime Ballads' theme, the band are ever expanding and have shown they're not afraid to stick out their neck to create something timeless and decadent, progressive, powerfull music. Guitars coated with strings and piano, striking with the most emotional yet subtle sounds theat could drage forever across a universe, seeming somewhat at odds with the current climate. With songs which revisit a time this modern world has forgotten, lifting the listener out of reality, or songs that just captivate sheer sadness, the impact that haunts GBP's music hooks the inner emotions , only felt with the passing of something, its the soundtrack to saying goodbye."


As well as the 200 Tons Of Bad Luck album, Crippled Black Phoenix will also release a limited edition 2 CD Box Set version titled "The Ressurectionists & Night Raider". This will essentially feature all of the songs from the " 200 Tons" album + a whole load of exclusive bonus material never heard before. The artwork will be different from "200 Tons" and we're hoping to have some images of the Box Set very soon. Please bare in mind this will be a limited format and we're not expecting it to be around for long..

The track listing is as follows.
CD One (The Ressureectionists)
Burnt Reynolds
Rise Up And Fight
Crossing The Bar
200 Tons Of Bad Luck
Please Do Not Stare Here
Song For The Loved
A Hymn For A Lost Soul
Human Nature Dictates The Downfall Of Humans
CD Two (Night Raider)
Time Of Ye Life / Born For Nothing / Paranoid Arm Of Narcoleptic Empire
Bat Stack
Along Where The Wind Blows
Onward Ever Downwards
A lack Of Common Sense
Trust No One
I Am Free - Today I Perished

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

TALIBAM VS PEEESSEYE self titled collaboration. May release

Talibam (pictured) and Peeesseye (PSI) have teamed up to produce one hell of an album for Invada. Just shy of 50 mins, the guys have delivered an epic piece of music that simply cannot be described in any human language. The trademark free experimental jazz sounds are present throughout this piece - BUT do not let that fool you. Some extreme noise and haunting (almost black metal sounding) vocals make this project unique. There really is nothing like this available at the moment.. Released in May on both CD and Vinyl formats with the vinyl having a bonus track. Talibam and Peeesseye will be touring this record around May time, any interested promoters please contact us at and we will forward details on to relevant parties...

Monday, 16 February 2009

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Thought Forms are Guy Metcalfe / Charlie Romijn / Deej Dhariwal.
Invada will be releasing their self titled debut album in May. Thought Forms hail from Melksham in the South West of England. They have built up an impressive following particularly in Bristol and Bath over the past few years as well as playing dates around the U.K and the U.S.
We are ecstatic to be finally releasing this record after seeing the trio live so many times. Musically TF have taken influence from past masters such as Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Loop etc but their sound encompasses influence from modern experimental noise bands like The Skaters, Double Leopards, Emeralds etc. It's no use merely listing a load of bands that have influence on TF though. Check out their MySpace and judge for yourself.
TF's will be playing New York City in May to launch the album as well as touring the UK with Team Brick shortly on their return. Any interested promoters please contact and we will put you directly in touch.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

STEBMO to support EARTH on UK tour

Steve Moore the man behind the STEBMO project not only plays in the greatest band in the world - EARTH, but will also be taking the STEBMO project on the road supporting EARTH.
Catch Steve in both bands on the following UK / Euro dates.

sun 15th mar - Koln Gebaude 9
mon 30th mar - Bilbao El Balcon De La Lola
weds 1st apr - Barcelona LA 2
mon 6th apr - Hamburg Molotow Club Venue 
thurs 16th apr - Brighton St Andrews Church
fri 17th apr - Birmingham Hare and Hound
sat 18th apr - Manchester Islington Mill
sun 19th apr - Glasgow Stereo
tue 21st apr - Dublin Wheelans
wed 22nd apr - Leeds Brundenell Social Club
thurs 23rd april - Bristol The Croft
fri 24th apr - London The Borderline

you can purchase the STEBMO cd / lp exclusively from the Invada store - see link at top right of page.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gonga back in Studio for a few days...

Late last week, the Gonga boys went back into State Of Art Studio's to record some demo's. The object of the project was to simply re-group and see what came naturally... After 3 days and a few mini-disks worth of music the result was extremely positive. The new material we heard pushes boundaries a lot further then we were expecting. Obviously the down-tuned classic Gonga riffs were present; but there was also a lot of instrumental experimentation and almost a different energy. All kinds of comparisons were being banded around (mainly from me it has to be said), including early Soundgarden, Fantomas, The Melvins, maybe even a bit of Ulver..  Hopefully i can persuade the chaps to give us a few mins worth of music to put on here.. keep checking back over the next week or so...

Monday, 9 February 2009

Invada Store NOW OPEN

The Invada Records Store is now OPEN for business. Click the Store link at the top right of this site. We will be updating as and when we get stock through the office doors. There will also be special "mail-order exclusive" releases, so keep checking back. Over the next few days we hope to be taking stock of the brand new Julian Cope 2 x LP "Kiss My Apocalypse". This will be the first place you will able to get your grubby paws on it.. More updates later about forthcoming releases on Invada - until then....

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Night On The BEAK !!!!

Invada's first signings of the year are Bristol trio BEAK.

State Of Art Studio's on the "east-side" of Bristol have been busy recording BEAK for the past few weeks. 

Some early demo's can be heard on their MySpace page (look to the right of this blog for a link). 

One description "a fan" responded to us with was "think Neu & Silver Apples, with the harsh minimalism of Sunn 0))) & Khanate and throw in the vocal presence of Ian Curtis and a pissed-up tramp". We laughed heartily then actually thought about it ... and agreed.

BEAK are definitely a band that will create interest due to its members, but for now check out the demo's and keep coming back here for further information over the coming weeks.