Monday, 16 March 2009

BEAK mail order package coming real soon.. LP/CD/SHIRT/ GOODIES

Some of you may have heard / checked out BEAK on their MySpace Site. Anyway for those of you that haven't, trot along to and listen to some studio sessions recently recorded at "State Of Art" in Bristol. BEAK are a trio (Billy - Matt - Geoff) that make a pretty decent racket with multiple instruments. Obviously its up to the listener to judge for themselves on how they sound. To my "trained ears" they sound like a bastard child of Neu, Joy Division, Silver Apples, Sunn 0))) and Harmonia.
Invada Records have decided to release a mail-order only limited edition (200 - numbered) package. This should be available in around a months time ; the package will have a 12" LP / 4 Track CD / T-Shirt + assorted other collectible bits n bobs. These boxes will be limited to one per person. We really don't wanna see these up on ebay for extortionate prices so we will closely monitor where these are being sent to. Keep checking back for further news about this but in the meantime go and get some BEAK into you..