Wednesday, 12 August 2009

"DO" BELIEVE THE HYPE. whats being said about the THOUGHT FORMS debut album

This is soaring, epic stuff, the sound of effect pedals being tortured and sacrificed to the Gods of thunder., phaser set to stun, and delays and fuzz too.
KKKK - Kerrang Magazine June 09

the UK's THOUGHT FORMS have harnessed the hazy gleam of My Bloody Valentine and used it to their own inspired ends on their self titled Invada Records Debut
7/10 - Metal Hammer magazine June 09

Thought Forms are in an enviable position for such a young band . Reverberating guitars evoke satellite frequencies searching for life and finding it in fuzzy, distant screams. Space-age shoegazers need look no further for their next trip.
7/10 - Rock Sound magazine August 09

Thought Forms have created a record that is pure testament to kids with guitars.
Think Sonic Youth, think My Bloody Valentine.... think Mogwai.
Big fuck-off riffs with nice beefy distortion, hazy power slides through alt rock miscellanea.
Rock-A-Rolla magazine July / August 09

new young band Thought Forms on the excellent Invada label have come up trumps this week and taken the Record Of The Week gong. Blending the quiet/noise aesthetic with modern experimentalism and melody this band could well have it all!! -
Picadilly Records May 09

Thought Forms make their instruments tower higher than the sum of their parts, even when the sound is just that of casual jangle, but they then go on to create staggering waves of noise
from a series of trapped, shimmering oscillations, force fed through
bouts of overdrive. Spellbinding. Album Of The Week - July 09

“They’re raw – almost grungey – but they’ve got that shoegazing thing going on too. And if they’re looking at their shoes it means they’re not looking in the mirror, know what I mean?”
Geoff Barrow, Portishead in NME, May 09

At Rock Sound we have a particular penchant for our post-rock. Not every band can nail it, but Thought Forms have pretty much got it spot on, as their self titled debut album proves. In fact, Portishead's Geoff Barrow loved it so much, he signed the band up to his Invada Imprint.
Rock Sound magazine (Bubbling Under - The Best New Music section) Aug 09

Thought Forms have sculpted one of the most intensely tight albums you will
hear ths year, with tracks embracing everything from post rock
instrumentalism, to shoegazing beauty the likes of which *Slowdive* and
the like would have killed for fifteen years ago.
The Beat Surrender - August 09

“Thought Forms” offers refreshingly ambitious and atmospheric guitar
music. It gives more than a nod to Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.
Structure in Sonic Youth’s music emerges only to
disappear again. The ground is constantly shifting beneath your feet. It
sounds as though this is what Thought Forms aspire to, and they meet the
challenge with vigor and intelligence.
Too Cool To Die - July 09

Thought Forms debut is a sonic journey through mesmerising expansive soundscapes of desolate wastelands and thunderous
shards of noise which lap at the toes of the gods, that should not be
4/5 Aug 09