Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Night On The BEAK !!!!

Invada's first signings of the year are Bristol trio BEAK.

State Of Art Studio's on the "east-side" of Bristol have been busy recording BEAK for the past few weeks. 

Some early demo's can be heard on their MySpace page (look to the right of this blog for a link). 

One description "a fan" responded to us with was "think Neu & Silver Apples, with the harsh minimalism of Sunn 0))) & Khanate and throw in the vocal presence of Ian Curtis and a pissed-up tramp". We laughed heartily then actually thought about it ... and agreed.

BEAK are definitely a band that will create interest due to its members, but for now check out the demo's and keep coming back here for further information over the coming weeks.