Saturday, 7 March 2009

Invada 2009 RELEASE schedule...

We've had a ton of emails from all over the world asking when certain albums are getting released. Ive decided to list some forthcoming projects.. Please dont email in asking if you can pre-order or buy them yet.. When they come into stock i will post here and direct people to the Invada shop..

Anyway here we go...

Feb 23rd : MALAKAI - Ugly Side Of Love CD / LP - RELEASED NOW

March 30th : SATURATION POINT - Mechanisms CD

April 13th : STEBMO - Self Titled CD / LP
April 20th : CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - 200 Tons Of Bad Luck CD
April 27th : CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - The Resurrectionists / Night Raider 2 x CD BOX (ltd edition that features all songs from 200 tons album)
April 27th : SEPTEMBER short film & soundtrack (Bafta award winning) DVD / CD package
April 27th : BLACK SHEEP (Julian Cope's band) - Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse 2 X LP

May 4th : THOUGHT FORMS - Self Titled CD
May 11th : BLACK SHEEP (Julian Cope's band) - Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse 2 X CD
May 18th : TALIBAM + PEEESSEYE - Self Titled CD / LP
May 25th : TEAM BRICK - Alogon CD

June 1st : IROHA - Self Titled CD / Ltd 12" featuring JESU remix

Forthcoming Projects by Stephen O' Malley / Beak / Geoff Barrow