Friday, 15 October 2010

WE HAVE MOVED ...!!!!!!

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this will be the last post on this blog..

from now on our blog will be available at

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

BEAK> forthcoming activity. + some limited U.S tapes available

BEAK> just got back from a brief yet highly enjoyable U.S tour. Those of you who managed to get to see shows @ the ATP New York festival / Manhattan / Los Angeles / San Francisco + the two record in-stores at Amoeba Records would have had the chance to pick up a limited edition tour cassette with 2 brand new BEAK> tracks. We have around 30 of these babies on sale exclusively from the INVADA webshop. Each tape has the tracks Deserters & The Russian on them. Each tape has been professionally printed and shrinkwrapped.
The tapes wont stick around for long and its doubtful they will be repressed.

If you want to catch BEAK> the band will be playing a few very select shows between now and the end of the year. Here are the dates..

16 Oct 2010 MACUF Museum, A CORU√ĎA, SPAIN
26 Oct 2010 Old Vic Theatre, BRISTOL, UK
30 Oct 2010 The Forum, LONDON , UK
13 Nov 2010 The Brudenell Social Club, LEEDS, UK

We have currently sold out of all BEAK> shirts but there will be more on sale at the forthcoming shows. There are a few copies left of the Blue Vinyl Gatefold 2xLP + the WULFSTAN 4 track vinyl EP. These are extremely limited and will be gone very shortly.

On other BEAK> news - the band will be releasing a split 12" with INVADA bandmates DD/MM/YYYY early next year.. Keep checking back for more info and hopefully a video for the BEAK> side of this project.

Finally for BEAK> fanatics - Billy, Geoff and Matt have also been hard at work with the production of the forthcoming ANIKA album. If you dont know anything about ANIKA - check below and watch the video for Yang Yang

Monday, 13 September 2010

ANIKA 'yang yang' digital single out today.

Invada's latest act ANIKA releases her debut single today. 'Yang Yang' b/w 'Masters Of War' these two tracks are available digitally through Anika's band camp website as well as other digital outlets such as iTunes

In case you dont know much about Anika - read below

The First Lady of Invada

‘Anika’ album released 25th October on Invada Records

Invada Records are proud to announce the release of the debut, self
titled album by Anika, released on 25th October.

Living between Berlin and Bristol whilst working as a political
journalist and music promoter, Anika met Bristol band Beak>.
Immediately it was clear that they shared the same musical vision; a
love of punk, dub and 60’s girl groups. The following week Anika and
Beak> went into the studio to begin recording ANIKA's debut album.
They recorded the album in 12 days. The album is a collection of
uneasy easy listening.

Anika spent the long summers of her childhood in Germany. Raised by
her music-loving rebel mother, by the time she was 16 she had bought
shares in Haldern music festival, met Patti Smith and already dreamt
of a life making music. Living on the outskirts of London as a
teenager only increased her appetite for discovering new music and
becoming a musician. Post college degree and looking for like-minded
musical souls in Bristol she met Beak>.

The result of this collaboration is a
political/trashy/discordent/reggae/German/old school Bristol/punk-funk
sound - all sown together with a collection of classic songs and a
sound of other worldliness.

Terry/Yang Yang/End Of the World/Masters Of War/Officer
Officer/Sadness Hides The Sun/No-one’s There/I Go To Sleep/Masters Of
War (dub).
The Album Released on CD / LP (limited white vinyl) / Digital - October 15th
Yang Yang / Masters Of War – out now digitally

Watch the video for the stand out track ‘Yang Yang’

Official site


Thursday, 19 August 2010



the CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX latest CD and LP 'I VIGILANTE' has landed at the INVADA HQ.
We are now taking pre-orders for both formats. The Vinyl we have is a strictly limited edition White Vinyl Mail order EXCLUSIVE ; limited to just 250 copies.
When these are gone they will NOT be repressed.

We are offering 3 packages - the CD , the LP, and a discounted package deal for the DIE-HARDS who want both formats.

Before we get tons of emails asking about the standard Black Vinyl LP's we will have these as well - but as the White Vinyls are so limited we are offering CBP fans a chance exclusively here to purchase before the Black Vinyl go on general sale.

The album has just received a glowing 9/10 review in the forthcoming edition of ROCK SOUND MAGAZINE , and is the lead review.




some info in case you havent heard...

‘I, Vigilante’ released 6th September 2010 on Invada Records

“they roam laggardly through rural post-rock, prog, folk, ambient and doom metal pastures without even trying your patience. Some parts are prettily sinister - think Godspeed meets The League Of Gentlemen - while others are curiously euphoric. Highly recommended." Uncut

Activity, 2010 A.D.

"Lupus Pilum Mutat, Non Mentem" - The wolf may change its fur, but not its nature. This is the sentiment that runs throughout the new six (6) track album "I, Vigilante". It encompasses words of warning and tales of trouble from times past up to the present, songs of standing your ground and stories from our history, for it is only through history we truly exist.

"I, Vigilante" is something of a catch-up point for CBP as even though the last mammoth albums were only released last year, the songs on "The Resurrectionists" and "Night Raider" are in fact older, dating back to 2007. So to save frustrations and to keep the gears oiled, CBP have recorded five (5) new songs to release this summer. This is not the usual type of album in CBPs world, it performs a slightly different agenda, shorter and to-the-point, although the running time is still around the 45 minute mark. It makes more of a statement of where the band is in the live arena, with a noticeably raw and less produced approach.

This new recording includes the songs "Troublemaker", We Forgotten Who We Are", "Fantastic Justice" and the massive tribute to WWII veterans of the Battle Of The Bulge "Bastogne Blues". Also included is CBPs faithful tribute to the 1st Journey album (the FIRST one, i.e. before Steve Perry) in the form of the song "Of A Lifetime".

Sunday, 25 July 2010

BEAK> head to USA.


The Cut-Of-Its-Jib reveals that BEAK> are heading out to the U.S of A in September for a week or so..

If anyone wants to check out the Bristol 3 piece over there here is some further info


Sep 3 Bowery Ballroom NYC

Sep 4 ATP Festival

Sep 7 Independent SF

Sep 10 Troubadour Los Angeles

There are a couple of other things we will mention about these dates next week so keep checking back.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

the art of MUDWIG

Massive friend of INVADA and all round 'sick bastard' Daniel Sparkes AKA Mudwig, recently designed the BEAK> 12" EP and Shirt. We still have very few of each in the store and once these are gone you wont see them again.
His work can be seen at selected exhibitions around the world.. Recent visits to L.A and Poland have made his work even more collectable and saught after by collectors of twisted art.

We're such fans of this grotesque creature we want to spread the word and people should check out what he has to offer the world...

check out some of his work here
He has an extremely limited print available direct from his studio - see main picture - contact through one of above websites if you want one...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

BEAK> on the road this weekend and new Shirt available from the store

If anyone happens to be in Spain or Switzerland this weekend. You may wanna check out the mighty BEAK> who aere playing the following festivals..
FRIDAY : ATP Stage Primavera Festival, Barcelona, Spain . 8.20
SATURDAY : Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival, Dudingen, Switzerland. 9.00

The band will be selling the brand new MUDWIG black shirt - which has just arrive in the 'nick of time' at the Invada offices..

We have a few copies of this shirt i've managed to rifle out of the boxes...

Click here if you wanna get your paws on one

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


SPADES & HOES & PLOWS is the third solo album by Welsh producer, pianist and songwriter David Wrench, and was commissioned for Julian Cope's Black Sheep by Cope and Fat Paul. The album presents four traditional folk themes from the British Isles, all performed in an eerily upfront and cadaverous manner, reminiscent of such late black metal as Furze, or perhaps a radical hybrid of Andrew King and an acoustic Khanate. But this is hardly a radical new course for Wrench, whose obsessions with cultural marginalia began as long ago as the late 80s with Nid Madagascar, his Welsh language acid house band. In 1997, Wrench released the turbulent BLOW WINDS BLOW, a dark set of songs influenced by Peter Hammill and John Cale. As the co-leader of the short-lived glam-sleaze duo Bubblegun, Wrench grabbed the ear of Julian Cope, whose particularly enjoyed the earnest electro-ballad ‘Beautiful Cunt’. David Wrench’s next solo album was THE ATOMIC WORLD OF TOMORROW, a horny melange of politically charged hi-energy synth pop. As an Engineer/Producer and Mixer, he has recently worked with Caribou, mixing most of the new album Swim, and previous album ANDORRA, engineering the Mercury prize nominated TWO SUNS by Bat For Lashes, WHEN THE HAAR ROLLS IN by James Yorkston, and producing the critically acclaimed albums GOODBYE FALKENBURG by Race Horses, GOTHIC ROAD by Jackie Leven, MIRACLE INN and BORE DA by Euros Childs, and THE QUICKENIG by Kathryn Williams. He recently was awarded the BBC Radio Cymru C2 award of Producer of the Year for the 3rd time. He joined Julian Cope’s group Black Sheep in 2008, performing vocals on their 2009 album KISS MY SWEET APOCALYPSE 2.

This Album is available from Invada now, click link below

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

THOUGHT FORMS free download - check this..!!

Here's a free download from Bath's THOUGHT FORMS. Recorded at the recent show in Bristol with SEATTLE psyche fiends MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE. The show was more of an improv set from the band, a bloody good one at that!!

download it here -

Monday, 10 May 2010

going going GONE !!!!!!!!!

Just a quick thanks to everyone that ordered the new GNOD VS WHITE HILLS split release... Rocket have kindly given us another 12 copies today... Once these are gone they are gone for good.. The pictures on the internet DOES NOT give this record the plaudits it deserves.. A beautiful psychedlic design with an embossed clear varnish patern on top certainly nominates this record as 'sleeve of the year' so far for us....

Other limited runs coming to an end...

BEAK> - WULFSTAN EP 12" down to the last 30 copies now..
BEAK> - 2 x BLUE VINYL LP down to the last 20 copies now
BEAK> - Posters - 1 left
BEAK> - Mudwig designed shirts.. 2 Yellow / 5 Red / 4 white (limited sizes available) left