Monday, 10 May 2010

going going GONE !!!!!!!!!

Just a quick thanks to everyone that ordered the new GNOD VS WHITE HILLS split release... Rocket have kindly given us another 12 copies today... Once these are gone they are gone for good.. The pictures on the internet DOES NOT give this record the plaudits it deserves.. A beautiful psychedlic design with an embossed clear varnish patern on top certainly nominates this record as 'sleeve of the year' so far for us....

Other limited runs coming to an end...

BEAK> - WULFSTAN EP 12" down to the last 30 copies now..
BEAK> - 2 x BLUE VINYL LP down to the last 20 copies now
BEAK> - Posters - 1 left
BEAK> - Mudwig designed shirts.. 2 Yellow / 5 Red / 4 white (limited sizes available) left