Thursday, 14 January 2010

welcome to 2010 - whats happening

Okay so its another year and exciting times here at Invada Records.
Firsty appologies for anyone thats emailed in over the xmas holiday and is waiting for a response. Swine Flu took over the office just at the end of the BEAK> tour and its only now that we're fully open and ready for business..

Regarding Mail order queries / complaints - we are currently working on a new system where there will be more control direct from Invada HQ rather than the current system which is basically controlled by a 3rd Party.
This should help 'iron-out' any problems / delays or mistakes on Invada merchandise & products. In a couple of days i will post up details of how the shop will change with a new designated email address to deal with any problems personally.

In the meantime Invada have plenty of new products ready to snap up from the store.. here's a list of what we have.
1) BEAK> limited edition MUDWIG designed shirt in white, yellow and red. EXCLUSIVELY available from the Invada webstore

2) BEAK> logo shirts EXCLUSIVELY available from the Invada webstore

2) BEAK> self titled Double gatefold LP on black vinyl OR the extremely limited edition White "LA Playback edition"

3) BEAK> regular edition cd

4) September original soundtrack CD and DVD package (BAFTA winning short film and soundtrack including beautiful music by Kaada /A Hawk And A Hacksaw / Crescent to name just a few. EXCLUSIVELY available for the Invada webstore

5) PEEESSEYE & TALIBAM - self titled collaboration CD. EXCLUSIVELY available from the Invada webstore

5) African Apparel presents BOB MARLEY t-shirt. Our good friends at African Apparel have kindly let us sell some of their awesome shirts. Get them whilst you can as they sell-out extremely quickly from every outlet they're on sale at.

6) The Fauns - our shoegazing friends from Bristol make an album with a bit of Slowdive / Swervedriver / Alcest and MBV but with a unique Bristol vibe to it. An Excellent album - Highly recommended.

7) Thought Forms Shirts - A few TF's shirts left over from their recent tour with BEAK>. We havent got many of these left so get them now!! EXCLUSIVELY available from the Invada webstore.

GET OVER TO NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the next few days Invad will announce the release schedule for the 1st part of 2010.
Keep checking back..